The Lost Islands

• Out of the tumultuous swell of the ocean, there rises a chain of five islands off the mainland. Isolated and distinct, each island boasts a different climate and landscape, lush with characters and fiction abound. The Crossing makes up the communal areas, a place to find friends and make enemies, and the homeland of bachelor and amazon herds, at war for generations. To the north temperate Luthien lies, filled with verdant fields and forests bustling with life and shadowed secrets. Further away, the icy kingdom of Tinuvel sits frigid and desolate, where the weak struggle to survive and only strong reign. To the south lies the tropical land of Atlantis, warm and humid with the promise of rain and adventure in the air. At the equator lies Salem, the desert island, dry and searing hot like the passions of its rulers. Regardless of the soil, sand or snow underfoot, these are lands filled with ages of history and epic stories. Some lie buried, drowned in the ruins of the sunken sixth island, Cimarron, unknown whether they will ever rise again. But whether it be immutable friendships, heart-wrenching romances, or wicked betrayals, one thing is for sure: there is much more yet to come…


• Welcome to The Lost Islands, an active and friendly semi-realistic equine RPG, started in 2009 and recently revitalised and reopened. Based on a chain of five islands, each with their own unique climate, TLI sports a character-driven world in which you are in control of your own destiny.


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