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The Lost Islands

Once there were six. Once there was peace. Now there are just five, and they are at each other's throats. From the frigid tundras of Tinuvel, to the endless green of Luthien, the blistering wastelands of Salem, and the blissful tropics of Atlantis... generations of families, loves, friendships, and alliances are in jeopardy. Even the communal Crossing isle, with its rival bachelor and amazon herds, is no safe haven. Meanwhile, the sunken isle of Cimarron and the lives it claimed watch all unfold from its watery grave, waiting to see if the remaining isles will survive their conflict, or join its place in history. Whatever the outcome, the islands have an epic story to tell. Will you pick a side to aid, or remain neutral and strive for peace? Your voice is waiting to be heard.

Welcome to The Lost Islands, an active and friendly semi-realistic equine RPG, originally opened in 2009. Based on a chain of five islands, each with their own unique climate, TLI sports a character-driven world in which you are in control of your own destiny. We welcome writers of all levels and sport a PG-13 rating.

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Season: Summer

Breeding: No

Foaling: No

Inlet Lead: Warsaw
Sub-Lead: Zharko

Cove Lead: Solomon
Co-Lead: Ysabel
Sub-Lead: Kendry

Bay Lead: Valka

Arch Lead: Aranck


Prairie Lead: Balor

Thicket Lead: Rille
Co-Lead: Elowen

Forest Lead: Persephone

Savanna Lead: Bacardi


Ridge Lead: Faolain
Co-Lead: Rivaini
Sub-Lead: Ailill

Shore Lead: Xiomara

Paradise Lead: Rougaru
Co-Lead: Gnome

Harbor Lead: Nasa


Desert Lead: Cain
Sub-Lead: Scarecrow

Badlands Lead: Roheryn
Co-Lead: Feray
Sub-Lead: Bahadir

Dunes Lead: Maslakhat
Sub-Lead: Antares

Hills Lead: Zahhāk
Character: Shamwari

Member: Erin


14th October 2020

We are holding another character legend vote, so be sure to cast your vote on the OOC board within the next week! Also, if you play a Peak or Lagoon member, be sure to check out the notices about election season on their respective boards and get involved if your character has an interest in running for a leadership position! <3 Shiva

1st October 2020

It is now summer on TLI! <3 Chaos

24th September 2020

Thank you again to everyone who participated in the most recent discussion! We have outlined the changes we will be making in the near future on the OOC board and have reopened four new territories following your feedback, one on each island. Enjoy! <3 Shiva

5th September 2020

It is now spring and therefore foaling season on TLI! <3 Shiva

10th August 2020

Part 2 of the discussion regarding site changes is now up on the OOC board! Please take a look and give us your feedback when you get a chance! <3 Shiva